Metaphysics Meets the Tapping Solution

Workshop @ 100 Acre Paradise, Val des Monts, Qué.

May – September/2016


This fun, four-hour seminar begins with an introduction to metaphysics as the key to achieving success, and leads to an exploration of personal objectives supported by the revolutionary “Tapping System” known as EFT.

Metaphysics  (as explored in the original version of “The Secret”) Meta-Physics refers to all that is above the physical realm. Using simple, metaphysical principals, participants will discover: How thought changes our rate of vibration; the critical difference between desire and need; how to use the rampage of appreciation; how to move energy; ultimately, how to achieve one’s objectives.

The Tapping Solution  (made popular by Nick Ortner) The Tapping Solution is a body/mind exercise that reprograms the subconscious mind by tapping on key meridians, while giving new commands to the sub-conscious mind. Workshop participants will work individually, or in small groups, with the tapping practitioner to dissolve emotional and physical blockages.

Our objective with these workshops is to create a community of like-minded people who may provide encouragement to one another, on an ongoing basis; because, “Transformation happens in a conversation.

If transformation is the goal, then vibration is the key.

Location: 100 Acre Paradise. Val des Monts, Québec; May – September.
Fees: Each workshop $100. (Overnight camping  – additional fee $25.)


Reservations: Denise Markhame (819) 457 – 2935 (100 Acre Paradise)
(limited registration for each course)


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Denise Markhame – Metaphysical Workshop Leader

(Twenty-three years of metaphysical practice.)


Resident Storyteller at the 100 Acre Paradise

*Unity of Montreal metaphysical courses 1993 – 1995.
*Ottawa’s Keys to the Universe metaphysical courses 2008 – 2011.
(program material from Bob Proctor of The Secret)
*Rich Dad Poor Dad introductory workshops and weekend course 2012, 2014, 2015.
*Millionare Mind Weekend Workshop 2010.
*Informal study of the teachings of Abraham, to complement and complete the former studies, since 2011.
*Facilitator of the outdoor metaphysical workshop “Mountaintop Retreats” @ 100 Acre Paradise in Val des Monts, Québec, summer and fall of 2015.
*Resident Storyteller @ 100 Acre Paradise since 2005.
*Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1984. (Twenty-two years as a Storyteller; forty-one years’ total experience in the performing arts)


Jocelyn DeVillers – Tapping Workshop Leader

Practitioner of NAET, Tapping, Shiatsu & Reiki

Sixteen years as an Alternative Health Care Practitioner:

*Diploma from the Shiatsu School of Canada, Toronto, Ontario 1999.
*Shiatsu Workshops 1991 – 1996
*Advanced-2 training of NAET, with Dr. Devl Nambudripad, Los Angelos, California 2007 – 2012
*Trained in EFT (Tapping Method) with EFT Universe certified trainers, Montreal, Québec 2012.
*Trained in diverse Reiki styles: Usul; Tibetan; Buddist; and Karuna – with masters in Victoria, BC. and in Toronto & Ottawa, Ontario, since 1994.
*Supplementary training in this therapist’s tool-belt include: Touch for Health 1996; Iridology and Nutrition 1996.