Mountaintop Retreats

100 Acre Paradise

  • Metaphysical Retreat

This one day workshop includes a group circle around the campfire, metaphysical exercises, journaling, time for reflection, a sharing period, a homework assignment with reading material referrals, and paddle-boating.

Using simple to understand and highly refined tools we will cover the following subjects: how thought changes our rate of vibration; the critical difference between desire and need; the rampage of appreciation; how to water it with faith; how to move energy; identifying and living from the five unlimited.

  • Women’s’ Retreat 

This program is an exercise in metamorphosis featuring a hike to the summit of a wooded mountain for a rendez-vous with one’s inner muse. Around a campfire at the cliff’s edge the host will offer stories of a metaphysical nature that are both emotionally and spiritually nourishing. Lunch will be enjoyed at the belvedere overlooking Lac St. Pierre, followed by a paddleboat excursion in small groups.

The afternoon will be devoted to character-building exercises such as:
1 – learning to keep one’s centre of emotional gravity in a safe and functional place;
2 – learning to distinguish between the symptom, the emotion, the event, and the limiting belief of any particular problem;
3- learning to move energy.

From caterpillar to butterfly – the participants will weave new wings and soar above their cliff-side campfire. The session concludes with a goal setting exercise, using the day’s revelations. Other reference material will be offered.

*100 Acre Paradise, Val des Monts, Québec / (819) 457 – 2935


Teachers’ Retreat

This day offers a visit to paradise, accompanied by an exploration of the seven genres of story. The retreat begins under the willows by the frog pond of the 100 Acre Paradise then takes you to the summit of a wooded mountain for a campfire among the forest gods.

In this exquisite country setting, a veteran Canadian storyteller shares her expertise around traditional story. Examples will be offered from each story genre: fable, fairytale, folktale, formula tale, legend, myth and realistic adventure tale. Lunch will be enjoyed at the belvédère overlooking Lac St. Pierre.

A paddleboat excursion is intermingled with writing exercises: in small groups the participants will be given story motifs from the different genres with which to construct a story. A reunion back at the campfire will provide the setting for the presentation of these compositions within the larger circle.