Accepting Invitations for Winter/Spring

Veteran Canadian Storyteller, Denise Markhame, boasts forty-four years’ experience in the performing arts, twenty-five years as a Storyteller. This French Canadian artist draws from her dramatic arts and music education to breathe life into a repertoire ripe with mystical myths and legends, and kooky, comical folktales. Her performances are peppered with music, and generously salted with French-Canadian humour. Contact : 470- 305 – 9630

School Bookings: Denise offers a repertoire for both the primary and secondary curriculums, featuring major motifs, told in an engaging fashion. For older grades the seven genres of Story are revealed. Contact artist for programming negotiation. Contact:


Programming for a Mature Audience

January 2020: Beginnings

The Angel of Life says, Don’t tell…..Shhhhh!

The Month Brothers is a Cinderella story of the Eastern European tradition in which the northern winter is prominently featured and the seasons demand to be respected.

Haïda God & the Light is the most endearing creation story in my wheel-house. Founded on the motif “light comes into the world,” this playful, feel-good story has something for everyone.

How Women came into the World is an Inuit myth that both celebrates the isolated culture it prevails from and the magic of mythology itself; a whimsical, comical approach to the creation theory.

When Men Birthed Babies is an African myth which explains why women birth babies. Enough said!

How Wind Came into the World is an Inuit myth that highlights the wisdom of the animal kingdom. Discover our ancestors’ animistic perspective where the boundaries between the four-legged and the two-legged of this earth are blurred.

The Star in the Apple exemplifies the god-force in each of us; wisdom from the Jewish tradition.

The Gossip wants to transform the way we define our responsibility to one another, and to the environment. This unassumingly simple Jewish tale packs a punch.

Fish Oil Menstruation is my mother’s comical account of her introduction to womanhood in the nineteen-thirties; an authentic story of life in that era.

February 2020: Love & Intrigue

The Frog Princess encapsulates all the convention of a traditional Fairytale: a quest, transmutation, and the happily-ever-after…..This romantic comedy from the French tradition will capture the heart of even the biggest skeptic.

Cinderella: Roald Dald Style is an uproarious retelling of the Cinderella saga; rated PG.

The Starry Loom redefines the notion of creation myth. This fantasy folktale of the Gypsy tradition turns logic on its head and the world up-side-down, and once around. You’re sure to say you didn’t see that coming…

March 2020: Spring Before, During, & After

How Many Months of Winter is the god’s-honest truth about how the year was divided; a myth from the Native American tradition.

When all the Trees are Leafless is a retelling of the universal motif about outsmarting death; this folktale showcases the animistic perception of our ancestors.

Myth of the Maple is a Canadian First Nations’ account of the discovery of maple syrup, as we know it.

Calling the Rain is a simple myth from the Amazonian tradition that highlights the metaphysical relationships in our environment.

The Blind Man & the Hunter is an African folktale about perception and courage and compassion and wisdom.